[SOLVED] major issues reported on Samsung A14 4G

Authmane Terki
2 min readApr 11, 2023


The Samsung Galaxy A14 4G, the latest phone from Samsung, has been facing several issues, and users have been actively voicing their complaints. Some of the reported problems include fingerprint, PIN, or pattern not being recognized despite being correct, the phone repeatedly restarting on its own, and Netflix and streaming apps not working, resulting in error codes or sudden shutdowns. However, there is good news for those facing issues with fingerprint or PIN recognition on their Samsung Galaxy A14 4G, as there is a solution that has been found to work.

Instead of resetting your phone, try restarting your device by holding down the volume down and power buttons for 20 seconds. After the restart, attempt to use your fingerprint or enter your PIN again, and this time it should work. Then you can disable the fingerprint option to avoid encountering the problem again in the future.

This workaround is only temporary solution. As the Samsung Galaxy A14 4G is a relatively new device, many users are hopeful that Samsung will release an update to address these issues soon. In the meantime, users are actively seeking solutions for other problems such as the phone restarting on its own and streaming app errors. It’s important to stay updated with the latest software updates and patches from Samsung to ensure that your device is running smoothly.

Users have taken to various forums and community platforms such as the Samsung Community website, Samsung’s official website, and Reddit to report and discuss these issues. These platforms also serve as a hub for users to share their experiences and potential solutions. It’s evident that users are eager to find a resolution to the problems faced with their Samsung Galaxy A14 4G.

Despite these issues, the Samsung Galaxy A14 4G has garnered attention for its sleek design, impressive features, and affordable price point. It offers a vibrant display, ample storage, and a capable camera system, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers. However, the reported issues have understandably caused frustration among users, and many are eagerly anticipating an update from Samsung to address these concerns.

In conclusion, while the Samsung Galaxy A14 4G has faced some issues, particularly with fingerprint and PIN recognition, users have found a temporary workaround. With hopes for a forthcoming update from Samsung to address these problems, it’s important for users to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for software updates. Despite these challenges, the Samsung Galaxy A14 4G continues to be a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers, thanks to its attractive features and affordable price point.